A Shining Light

A Shining Light

Radiance, lustre, shine and sparkle - these are the things that set our jewellery apart. So what's the Eden Raine secret? Rhodium plating features heavily in our jewellery designs, and it might just be the reason our pieces shine that little bit brighter. If you're unsure about rhodium, read on as we explain a little about it and why we love it so much.

Part of the platinum family, this rare and precious metal has a mirror like quality that glistens and shines like no other. Especially noticeable when paired with diamonds, rhodium further enhances the brilliance of the gemstone it sits beside, making it a beautifully flattering choice. Naturally silvery in colour, rhodium plating works well when it coats metals that are white in colour. We craft our jewellery using solid silver, so our collections boast the beauty of rhodium while remaining affordable. Using an electroplating process, we plate our jewellery at the optimum thickness for each piece we make depending on it’s likely use and wear.

But it’s not all about looks. Known for its robust characteristic, rhodium plating enhances durability, delivering a scratch resistant and high-lustre finish. The protective coat it provides will not tarnish or corrode, and requires no specific care or cleaning. It’s also a great hypo-allergenic option for those who cannot wear pieces containing nickel.

Shop our collection of stunning rhodium plated designs and experience the shine for yourself.

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